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Medium and high pressure centrifugal industrial fans

Supply of single and double suction fans with medium pressure backward inclined straight bladed impeller and high pressure blower fans with radial impeller and slim profile.

Medium pressure centrifugal fans

  • Single suction models from sizes SI-122 to SI-544 with direct and indirect drive, power ratings from 1/3 hp up to 150 hp. Straight impeller curved back, limited load. Volumetric capacity from 500 m3/h to 170.000 m3/h, static pressure from 6 mm w.g.c. to 300 mm w.g.c.
    Double suction models from sizes DI-122 to DI-544 with direct and indirect transmission, power from 1 hp to 150 hp, limited load. Volumetric capacity from 2000 m3/h to 340.000 m3/h, static pressure from 6 to 300 mm w.g.c.

High pressure centrifugal fans (Blower)

Supply of high pressure centrifugal fans with direct drive, models SDR-251-3000-18,5 to SDR-451-3000-39,5 with powers from 1 to 50 hp, straight radial impeller, narrow profile, unlimited load. Flow rates from 170 cfm to 2250 cfm, static pressures from 14.5″ w.c. to 70″ w.c.

Medium pressure radial centrifugal fans

Supply of direct radial fans from models DR-08 to DR 14, with power ratings from 0.5 hp to 7.5 hp. Flow rates from 200 to 6500 (m3/hr), static pressure from 6 mm w.g.c. to 180 mm w.g.c. Straight radial impeller, unlimited load.

Air handlers and pressurizers

Air handlers and pressurizers of different capacities for air handling, air control and filtering. Manufactured in structural steel quality A37-24, painted or galvanized. They are also manufactured in stainless steel quality AISI304 and 316.